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Family History Research Packages are a great way to learn about your ancestors or make a very special gift. The one surname packages is just £380, with larger packages also available. You can add extra research time to try and work back further, or add extra deatil. All include:

A fuller example of what is included in one the family history research packages can be found on the case study page.

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  • One Surname
  •  1 surname to late
    1700s/early 1800s
  •  1 Family Tree
  •  10 hours research
  •  Book ~80 pages
  •  20-25 documents
  • £380

    deposit: £190
    balance: £190
  • Order
  • Two Surname
  •  2 surnames to late
    1700s/early 1800s
  •  2 Family Trees
  •  18 hours research
  •  Book ~120 pages
  •  40-50 documents
  • £680

    deposit: £340
    balance: £340
  • Order
  • Pedigree
  •  16 great, great
    grandparents & more
  •  8+ Family Trees
  •  35 hours reseach
  •  Book ~250 pages
  •  80-90 documents
  • £999

    deposit: £499.50
    balance: £499.50
  • Order

...The work you have done is marvelous. The information you have unearthed is remarkable, something I could not have done myself...

Melissa, Manchester

Case Study Ask a Question

What Do You Need to Get Started?

In most cases work can start with very little information. For example, knowing roughly when and where your ancestor was born, or the full name of who they married, can be enough to begin. If you are concerned that you don't have enough, please contact me.

How Long Does it Take?

The one and two surname family research packages take about 6–8 weeks to complete, but there is sometimes have a waiting list. The pedigree package takes a little longer and is usually around 10–12 weeks. The main reason why the research takes time is that the proper documents, i.e. birth and marriage certificates are used to prove the family tree, which have to ordered from the relevant agencies.

Can You Research My Family Back Further?

The main records used for genealogy in England, Scotland and Wales have survived well from the Victorian period onwards and so most families are traceable back to an ancestor born in the late 1700s or early 1800s. However, once you go back further research is less predictable. It might be that the records just don't survive for the parish where your ancestors lived. If there are no records it isn't possible to go back further.

Even when there are records, they aren't as detailed as later documents and so it isn't sometimes possible to discover where your ancestors moved from or to distinguish two people with the same name from each other. This is where many amateur genealogists go wrong and inadvertently latch on to the wrong family.

Earlier research is very interesting, but this is only possible where the records survive, and there is enough evidence to do so. The chances of success will vary on many factors: how common the family surname was, how much your ancestors moved around, their socio-economic status, and even the whim of a church curate. Any work is done at the usual hourly rate, to a pre-agreed budget, with expenses (for example travel to an archive), at cost. This work can be added to one of the packages if you wish.


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