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Family History Research Packages are a great way to learn about your ancestors or make a very special gift. The one surname packages is just £480, with larger packages also available. You can add extra research time to try and work back further, or add extra deatil. All include:

A fuller example of what is included in one the family history research packages can be found on the case study page.

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  • One Surname
  •  1 surname to late
    1700s/early 1800s
  •  1 Family Tree
  •  10 hours work
  •  Book ~80 pages
  •  20-25 documents
  • £480

    deposit: £240
    balance: £240
  • Order
  • Two Surname
  •  2 surnames to late
    1700s/early 1800s
  •  2 Family Trees
  •  18 hours work
  •  Book ~120 pages
  •  40-50 documents
  • £860

    deposit: £430
    balance: £430
  • Order
  • Four Surname
  •  4 surnames to late
    1700s/early 1800s
  •  4 Family Trees
  •  30 hours work
  •  Book ~200 pages
  •  80-90 documents
  • £1450

    deposit: £725
    balance: £725
  • Order
  • Pedigree
  •  16 great, great
    grandparents & more
  •  4+ Family Trees
  •  40 hours work
  •  Book ~250 pages
  •  100+ documents
  • £1850

    deposit: £925
    balance: £925
  • Order

...The work you have done is marvelous. The information you have unearthed is remarkable, something I could not have done myself...

Melissa, Manchester

Case Study Ask a Question

What Do You Need to Get Started?

In most cases work can start with very little information. For example, knowing roughly when and where your ancestor was born, or the full name of who they married, can be enough to begin. If you are concerned that you don't have enough, please contact me.

How Long Does it Take?

The one and two surname family research packages take about 6–8 weeks to complete, but there is sometimes have a waiting list. The pedigree package takes a little longer and is usually around 10–12 weeks. The main reason why the research takes time is that the proper documents, i.e. birth and marriage certificates are used to prove the family tree, which have to ordered from the relevant agencies.

Can You Research My Family Back Further?

The main records used for genealogy in England, Scotland and Wales have survived well from the Victorian period onwards and so most families are traceable back to an ancestor born in the late 1700s or early 1800s. However, once you go back further research is less predictable. It might be that the records just don't survive for the parish where your ancestors lived. If there are no records it isn't possible to go back further.

Even when there are records, they aren't as detailed as later documents and so it isn't sometimes possible to discover where your ancestors moved from or to distinguish two people with the same name from each other. This is where many amateur genealogists go wrong and inadvertently latch on to the wrong family.

Earlier research is very interesting, but this is only possible where the records survive, and there is enough evidence to do so. The chances of success will vary on many factors: how common the family surname was, how much your ancestors moved around, their socio-economic status, and even the whim of a church curate. Any work is done at the usual hourly rate, to a pre-agreed budget, with expenses (for example travel to an archive), at cost. This work can be added to one of the packages if you wish.

What Isn't Included in the Packages

The packages concentrate on your ancestors (that is from who you directly descend). This is not the same as all relatives i.e. cousins/aunt/uncles etc. Your ancestors siblings/children's names, normally along with roughly when they were born, are included on the charts and in the books when this information can be reasonably found (but see information about more recent times below); these siblings/children themselves are not traced forward. To do that would take a variable amount of time as it would depend how many of them there were and when they were alive, so can't be done at a fixed price. If you want to trace your ancestors' siblings forward, then the packages can be used as a starting point, but extra charges would be incurred to locate this information. Please contact me before purchase to discuss if this is one of your requirements. Most clients prefer that their budget is used to concentrate on their ancestors as working forward as well as backwards can be expensive.

Research within roughly the last 100 years is subject to data protection rules etc, and it may not be possible to locate certain kinds of information within this period, or is prohibitively expensive to do so. Most client's already know this information and so it can be included if you provide it. The packages should not be used with the goal of locating living relatives as that is just not what they are designed to do.

I undertake research in domestic British records, including those in England, Scotland and Wales. I will undertake Irish work as part of a package (and only where there are other branches from the rest of the British Isles), but due to poor survival of Irish records, please contact me first to discuss this before ordering. Records outside of the British Isles are beyond the scope of these packages, and you are likely to need a specialist in the country of origin.

What Is Meant By One Surname, Two Surname or Pedigree

People don't think about this, but we all have a lot of ancestors; the number doubles at each generation: 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents etc. The more of these branches that are followed impacts on the time and cost of a project. The one surname packages follows back along the route of one surname, i.e. when a couple married, although both are included in the project, only one is followed back to the next generation and so on. A two surname package follows back along any two surnames in someone's ancestry, and then follows back along the route of each. In summary they guide the decisions about which ancestral lines to follow back at each generation.

The pedigree package is different and aims to follow back on all branches, back to the 16 great, great grandparents and some information on some of the 32 great, great, great grandparents as record survival and time allows, i.e. it offers breadth of the surnames making up your ancestry.


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