Mr. Genealogy logo, depicting a shield, typical of those used in family tree coats of arms.
Mr. Genealogy logo, depicting a shield, typical of those used in family tree coats of arms.
Mr. Genealogy logo, depicting a shield, typical of those used in family tree coats of arms.
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On the modern Internet, everything is rated out of 5 stars. This page contains more recent reviews which clients have left. Older (before star ratings) testimonials can be found further down the page.

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 5 / 5
Amanda S., Surrey
I would highly recommend Tony. Tony kept me updated weekly throughout the process and I have just received my book and charts and I am delighted. I consider the service to be outstanding. Amanda Surrey
 5 / 5
Rod F., West Sussex
My wife bought me a Christmas gift of researching my family tree and I chose the two name option; my paternal Grandfather's family name and his wife - my Grandmother's name which no-one in the family could remember! I was absolutely delighted with the result. Tony is a thoroughly professional genealogist and the communication throughout this whole process was fantastic. I knew exactly where we were in the process and he sent some titbits of information frequently which was great. He also flagged up when things are likely to be impediments to his research. For example, both of my Grandparents were Irish by descent and apparently, records can be sparse there. I knew this BEFORE he started. When the process had finished, he sent the source documents (birth, death certificates etc), a family tree, and a hardback book which is the full written account. I guess like many people, our family tree was unremarkable in terms of who the people were but, of course, incredibly important to us. We have a sense now of who we actually are. If you are thinking to have this done, then I would look no further than Tony. I struggle to think how the process and end result could be better.
 5 / 5
Alison S., 
I bought the pedigree package for my husband for Xmas. As i wanted something for him to open on Xmas day Tony sent a letter saying that he was starting his family tree. It was wrote in old style writing and sealed with a wax seal which was such a lovely touch. Tony kept in constant contact giving us updates every week. The finished book is amazing. Tony also sent all birth certificates ect and these were also printed in a seperate book. We also received family tree posters. My husband is absolutely thrilled with this and said it is the most amazing gift. We definitely recommend Tony mrgeneology and thank him so much for his excellent work.
 5 / 5
Karen L., 
I can highly recommend Tony if you are looking for a professional genealogist, his communication was excellent making the whole process very easy. Our family history was presented in a beautiful book which made a wonderful gift. The research provided was fascinating! I look forward to commissioning Tony again in the near future.
 5 / 5
Michael D., Lincolnshire
After many many years of talking to my dad about getting a family tree down for our family name, I decided to just go ahead and do it, I choose Mr Genolgy based on his previous reviews, and the service and quality of the final book, family tree and documents did not disappoint. I probably picked the worse time to start the research (mid Covid) but it was surprisingly quick and easy process. Tony also offered resources and advice on military records which will eventually add further to my families history Thank you Tony.
 5 / 5
Jeff P., London
For many years I had wanted to know about my ancestors and finally contacted Tony Griggs. Fortunately Tony was the first genealogist I contacted. His professionalism, knowledge, and easy way of explaining issues made the whole exercise a very enjoyable experience. His projected time scales of releasing periodic updates were impeccably kept ensuring that I never once had to "chase" information. The presentation book, tree, and document folder are an excellent publication. absolutely clear and concise in factual content and enhanced by period items of interest. I have now used Tony's services on close friends and family projects four times and would unhesitatingly recommend him to any person who wants a proper full value for money research carried out.
 5 / 5
Audrey G., Co. Durham
If you are interested in your family tree then I do recommend contacting Tony to discuss your specific needs. For me, he has uncovered far more than I ever could have done myself, including Wills, criminal records, military information and newspaper articles relating to my ancestors. Additional context has been added which brings the names and dates to life. The quality of the book and the inserted charts is excellent. I have been provided with regular updates on the research and as well as investigating areas I have asked about, Tony has made suggestions. Tony has always been very considerate in terms of the costs associated with research and I feel I am getting exceptional value for my money. I am very grateful for all the research Tony has done and the output has been a frequent topic of conversation in my family! I do recommend his services to anyone interested in their family history.
 5 / 5
Tony H., West Sussex
I have been extremely pleased with the service and Pedigree package that I have received. Communications have been very good and the overall presentation of the finished commission is excellent. I just knew - with my limited ability on the computer -that I had to pass this task across to an experienced person. It is important however to offer as much advanced information about one's family history as one can reasonably remember as this helps to utilise the research time most effectively. Most satisfied.
 5 / 5
Richard W., Hertfordshire
I was impressed with how well Tony communicated with me throughout the whole process, he is is very professional and offers a good service. These things are not cheap but they are worth every penny and is a great way to find out your family history. I would defiantly recommend his services to anyone who is in need of a professional search into the roots of their family.
 5 / 5
Nick R., Cambridgeshire
I have used Tony's services now on three separate occasions and intend to do so again soon with a fourth commission. Tony is a very professional, diligent, knowledgable and thorough genealogist. He has always kept me well informed of the progress he has made and I have always been delighted with the end results. Highly recommended.
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I cannot recommend Tony more highly and my future generations will be delighted that I asked him to undertake this research for us.

Sue, Kent

Hello Tony, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the hard work you put into the family tree research. We just attended my mum's 70th birthday dinner and my daughters presented it to my mum. It was a lovely moment from the youngest member of our family (2 years old), to the oldest. My mum has always wanted to do the research but for one reason or another never got round to it. She is absolutely thrilled with it and it has answered some questions she always had. I'm so impressed, I'm actually tempted to get my maiden surname researched by you in the new year. I'll be in touch!

Louisa, Surrey

Tony, I want to thankyou so much for doing my family history. As you were aware, I didn't know anything about my ancestors. But, I know we are a family of 'agricultural workers' and we are Staffordshire born and we still live here. I am very happy.

Carol, Staffordshire

Dear Mr. Griggs, Thank you for the wonderful and highly professional way you have documented my family history. I can only imagine the amount of time you must have spent on the research, especially as the names are so common. I am absolutely delighted, as I am sure members of the family will be. My daughter-in-law, Janet, certainly gave me the very best of presents. Once again, thank you.

Joan, Berkshire

I asked Tony to research my mother's and father's male line separately as I was curious who my ancestors were, where they came from and if any were 'Famous' (no!). I found his work very thorough and some interesting information came to light. Good value and well presented. I was kept informed on a weekly basis. It is good to see all your ancestors in print and leaves you wondering what they were like and what sort of life they lead? I would highly recommend Tony if you want your ancestors put into print, a great gift for someone to receive. Thanks.

Douglas, Northamptonshire

Dear Tony, the book and other documents arrived this morning. The work you have done is marvellous. The information you have unearthed is remarkable, something I could not have done myself. The finished result and presentation is incredible. Thank you.

Melissa, Manchester

Hi Tony, thank you for the parcel and contents. I am reading the book and really enjoying it, thankyou. It certainly has brought my family to life for me.

Karen, Cornwall

Dear Tony, Many thanks for the book and documents, just received. I am still digesting the contents but would like to say that it is a very nicely presented piece of work that recognises the lives of my grandparents, as intended. Thank you for your efforts in bringing my ancestors to life. And for being able to incorporate the scrappy photos and information we were able to provide.

Geoff, Oxfordshire

I was so pleased with my family history. It was great to discover that my grandfather had been mentioned in despatches, what an honour. I can't wait to find out more.

Lorraine, Kent

I bought a gift certificate as a present for a special friend who had everything! She loved discovering about her families past. Thank you.

Diane, Kent

My dad was so pleased with his family tree... he shows everyone that walks through the door!

Anna, London

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