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Family History Research by Tony Griggs
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Order Family History Package

This page is for ordering my standard packages. If you are paying for other services, like extra books, bespoke work, or upgrades please visit my Other Payments page.

Paying by Debit or Credit Card

If you pay now by debit or credit card I will post the application forms for you to complete. Sometimes there is a waiting list to begin research, please contact me before ordering and I will advise if this is the case. Typically research takes eight weeks to complete (twelve weeks for the pedigree package), once I can start work on the project.

I use PayPal to process payments but you do not need a PayPal account. When you click 'Buy Now' you will be taken to the secure PayPal website, you can then select 'Check Out as Guest'.

Package Order Form

1. Select Base Package

The One and Two Surname Packages aim to trace along the route of an ancestral surname back to an ancestor born in the early 1800s, with the findings presented in a book with accompanying charts and documents. The Pedigree Package aims to trace back on all ancestral lines of someone alive today to their sixteen great, great grandparents and some information where possible on some of their great, great, great grandparents. All packages are suitable for research on ancestors in England, Scotland and Wales only.

2. Select Optional Extras

Death Records Bundle + £100
Search for and obtain copies of five documents from the end of some of your ancestors lives, for example death certificates (or copies) and wills. Includes obtaining the documents and transcribing or abstracting them for inclusion in the package book. Not all ancestor left wills, but if they did they can include their last wishes. Documents included: Wills (post 1858) or issued by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury before 1858. Death certificates (or copies) will generally include the cause of death of an ancestor.
More Research Bundle + £175
Some people like to work back further than the early 1800s. This package adds five extra hours research to the base package and includes the expenses of a visit to a repository in London or the South East of England if required (or converted to research time if not). Sometimes after completing the basic package it may become apparent that earlier research isn't possible for the particular family; in this case, this extra package will be refunded. Please a contact me for further information. No guaratee is made about what is possible in the five hours, a lot will depend on the family in question and what records have survived for the area where they were living.
Extra Copies of Book and Charts:

Cost of extra copies depends on the base package and are priced as follows: One Surname £30, Two Surname £35, Pedigree £40.

3. Select Payment Options

Payment can be made in full now, or a 50% deposit can be made now which will reserve your research slot and allow the research to take place. The balance being due at completion, just before the complete work is posted to you.

Paying by Cheque or Bank Transfer

If you do not wish to use a debit or credit card online, I also accept cheques or bank transfers. Please use the Contact Form to arrange this.