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 Family Tree Chart Layout and Design Service

Have you already done all of the research, but not sure how to create a pleasing Family Tree Chart?

I am currently trialling a service whereby I can take your hand-drawn charts or data and lay out a proper family tree. If you require research to complete your family tree, please look at my range of family history research packages or bespoke work as the service on this page is one to create a chart only.

Using my own specialist software—developed for my main client work—I can create family trees that are easy to read and look professional. I can then provide you with either copies of the charts or the files for you to print them yourself. You can see some examples below.

The service is priced at the rate of £35 per hour. A medium sized chart (around 60 people over 7 generations) is likely to take about two to three hours, although the cost will vary depending on factors like how much information you have and complications like second marriages etc.



How Does The Service Work?

Send me a copy of your data and I can give you an estimate. Once agreed and a 50% deposit paid, work can begin.

The work is likely to take about a week to 10 days, depending on workload. Once complete, I will send you a digital copy (with draft watermarks) to check, before the balance is due and copies printed as required.

Depending on your requirements, I may be able to print your chart (up to A3 in size), or can send you a PDF file for you to arrange printing yourself.


Can you include coats of arms/photos or other decoration?

No, the charts are visually pleasing, but aren't artistic, you can see some examples of the types of charts above.

I don't have all the information, can you fill in some of the missing details?

As a professional genealogist, I am happy to undertake research on missing information or full projects, please look at my range of family history research packages or bespoke work for more information.

Can you create very large charts?

Some people have a vision of a single gigantic family trees. The reality is that this are almost impossible to navigate and can get very messy. Classic family charts are limited in size, usually to start from a single person and work downwards. Although the software is capable of creating very large charts, often there are better ways.

What information is on a Family Tree?

Normally, a family tree contains the main details about a person's life, like dates and places of birth, marriage, death (sometimes baptisms and burials). It often will also include occupations, main residencies and dates of wills/probate, where applicable. This service uses the information you supply to create the tree.


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If you are requesting an estimate please give as much information as possible, for example: names, dates and places. Your email address will only be used to reply to your enquiry. It will not be used for marketing.