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Family History Research by Tony Griggs
Family History Research by Tony Griggs
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Bespoke Family History Research

If you are just starting your family history, or looking for a special gift, you may want to consider one of my popular family history packages as these offers exceptional value for money and can be added to as required.

Not all the work of a genealogist will fit neatly as a package, so I also offer a range of other, more bespoke family history research:

Some of the Work I Undertake

Old family photo
Old Photo

...My mum has always wanted to do the research but for one reason or another never got round to it. She is absolutely thrilled with it and it has answered some questions she always had. I'm so impressed...

Louisa, Surrey

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Old Photo

How much does it cost?

Bespoke work will reflect the amount of time involved. For small projects, a few hours work would be sufficient, and I can often given an accurate estimate. Please contact me with your requirements.

For larger projects, or to trace a family as "far back as possible", it simply isn't practical to give an accurate estimate in advance, there are just too many variables. In these circumstances, it is conventional to commission a number of hours research according to an agreed budget, at which point a research report will be sent to the client, which will include recommendations for further work. The client may then choose to follow up on the recommendations by commissioning further work, or perhaps look at another line.

Kent Family History Research

The ancient and historic county of Kent in the South East corner of England has two main archives - Kent Archives in Maidstone (previously known as the Centre for Kentish Studies) and Canterbury Cathedral Archives. The overlap and split of records between them is complicated. I have many years experience of using both, and my own paternal family history has deep roots in Kent. I myself am a Man of Kent as were at least twelve generations before me!

For research at both of the Kent archives, I charge £45 for the first hour and my standard rate of £30 for each additional hour. I do not charge for travel to and from these archives. My minimum commission is one hour.

Old map
Old map

Before undertaking research, I will agree a budget with you.

Family History Brick-wall Advice Service

Do you need help with your Family Tree? Has your ancestry hit a brick wall?

A lot of people start with a subscription to one of the many online family tree data services such as ancestry or find my past, but find that these sites are not as easy to use as the providers would have you believe! To ensure that you have the correct ancestors you cannot only rely on these sites - there is vital data that you will need from other sources. If you have started research but don't know where to go - please contact me as I may be able to help such as offering you a discount against one of my research packages.

Have you hit a brick wall?

Although there are genuine unsurpassable brick walls in genealogy, often apparent brick walls are just caused by not knowing where to look next (if using the online providers it can be as simple as having to turn to a non online source). Please contact me for a no obligation quotation.

How is the research presented?

Very small projects can often be answered as a short letter. Larger, complex, or on-going research is presented as a professional genealogy report. This will show the methods used in the research, what has been checked, and how the conclusions were derived. This includes important aspects such as proper citations to the records consulted, and where applicable, and within copyright/licencing restrictions, images of these original sources.

Where searches have not been immediately useful, these are detailed as well. This can prevent the same work being repeated, and sometimes ancestors not appearing in records can give vital clues.

I can, depending on the project, include the research in my book format, although a standard printed research report is more normal for this type of work. These research reports do include charts where applicable.

Please use my enquiry form for a free, no obligation quotation.

Contact Form / Free Estimate

If you are requesting an estimate, please give me enough information to help you. For example, names, dates, and places. You may prefer to email me: